Saturday, February 11, 2012


Atma Namaste!

In the name of 'MASTER CHOA', we have established a foundation for Scientific Research on PRANIC FARMING i.e., "ANNAPOORNA FOUNDATION".

@ ANNAPOORNA, Our vision is to be an instrument in fulfilling Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's Grand and Lofty Vision of Heaven on earth. To make this vision become real, every aspect of life should be aligned to the goal of Heaven on Earth in one hundred and fifty year. One major problem of the whole world in this time period is good quality and quantity food supply for every person and every being. Another being the health of the people. So applying the techniques taught in pranic healing we endeavor to create a steady supply of good quality and quantity agriculture produce and help the people in attaining good health.

ANNAPOORNA is an organization established to work for and with Mother Earth. It is dedicated with the commitment to work with wisdom and scientific knowledge to find practical solutions to environmental issues we are facing today.

ANNAPOORNA will work towards providing tools to people to farm their land sustainably in a healthy way, so that it could be handed over to future generations.

ANNAPOORNA will establish shortly a new campus which would house the Training centre, Scientific Laboratory and Native Seed Bank, apart from starting other social activities.

In Master's service

Krishna Mohan