Monday, October 17, 2011


Atma Namaste!

Lecture on "Pranic Farming - Sustainable Living & Influence of Cosmic Energies" by
Mr. Krishna Mohan (Author of Pranic Agriculture A New Revolution) will be held on 30.10.11, Sunday @ MCKS'MASTERMINDS office Begumpet, Secunderabad.

Mr.Krishna Mohan & his team (including six Clairvoyants) worked for more than 9 years,
with an initiative of bringing back diversity into Agriculture.

Lecture includes knowledge about:

* Untapped riches of Prana, Earth Forces &Spiritual energies
* Understanding Nature's ways
* Influence of Cosmic Energies
* Understanding Soil - Mother Earth
* Cow - Cosmic Energies
* Pranic Blooms
* Crystals - Cosmic Energies
* Psychic Protection
* Special Days - Impact of Cosmic Energies
* Techniques & Protocols which gave the best results like
maximum produce, nutritious crop, tasty food & maximum shelf life etc..
* Scope of Pranic Farming
and a lot more..

Reserve your seat now. Limited seats.
##Eligibility: Advanced Pranic Healing##
Timings: Sharp 9.00 am - 5.30pm (on 30.10.11, Sunday)
*** No course fee***.
Donations are welcome.

For Registrations and more information

Contact :
 Vamshi Mohan : 9866195416

or e-mail:

We request all Pranic Healers, Trainers & Organizers to attend this program and
communicate the same to fellow Healers.

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