Friday, June 3, 2011


Atma Namaste!

This is to answer hundreds of mails from Pranic Healers all over the world asking me two questions:

1) What is Pranic Agriculture/ Pranic Farming ?

2) How do you define it?


“Pranic Agriculture / Pranic Farming is the form of agriculture that relies basically on prana, earth forces and spiritual energy, which in turn can increase soil productivity, control pests, strictly limiting the use of synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides on plants.”

Simply speaking Pranic Agriculture is application of 3 simple techniques of Healing in Agriculture to achieve good crop yields without harming the natural environment & the people who live & work on it.

Pranic Agriculture / Pranic Farming works in harmony with nature.

Scope of Pranic Agriculture / Pranic Farming

In Pranic Agriculture we can eliminate all water soluble agricultural chemicals, pesticides & weedicides from our farming systems , this can bring back biodiversity & increase the soil humus levels which give soils the ability to hold moisture & thus indirectly improve our water supply & quality.

Then there is a possibility of growing wholesome food to support & nourish the body, the soul & the spirit of all people.

“Pranic Agriculture / Pranic Farming believes that Nature is the only good farmer that exists & farmers would improve their produce to the extent they imitate Nature’s ways.”

Imitating Nature’s Ways

Masterminds team has done every effort to work on Humus , Mycorrhizeal fungi (symbiotic relationship) , Cow, Neem tree , Herbal extracts , Biodynamics, Cosmic rythms, special days mentioned in Bio dynamic calendar with the help of its own 6 member clairvoyant team & recorded activity of different Pranas in the above and has prepared protocols for Pranic Agriculture . Detailed description of the above topics is provided in our book ‘PRANIC AGRICULTURE A NEW REVOLUTION’.

Thanks to Master Choa.

In Master's service

Krishna Mohan

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