Sunday, January 9, 2011


Atma namaste!

PRANIC SOS 24x7 is a global initiative which aims at bringing instant relief to people in pain.It promises to help people in any problem which they may face in their walk of life be it health problems,financial crunch or relationship problems.This project is supported by MCKS MASTERMINDS team ,founded by Mr. Krishna Mohan consisting of 6000+ Pranic Healers all over the world who work under the spiritual guidance of Master Choa Kok Sui .

Master used to say that every Pranic Healer is a creative worker of light who should help alleviate human problems and conflicts with loving hands and open compassionate hearts. We have all promised Master to continuously strive to spread HIS teachings with our soul,heart and mind PRANIC SOS helps materialize and implement the dream of this incorrigible dreamer.

In the desert of the heart,
Let the healing fountain start
In the prison of his days,
Teach the freemen how to praise.

PRANIC SOS 24x7 has met with unprecedented success till now with requests from hundreds of people all over the world to heal,bless and pray. It would be great if more and more people were made aware of this initiative so that all Pranic Healers could come together and be a part of it. After all, all Pranic Healers are one big family.

May the divine blessings be with you,

In Master's service,

Priyanka Bajaj
Shreyta Agarwal
(Pranic SOS 24X7 Team)

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