Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother Nature Identifies Pranic Healers

Atma Namaste!

I want to introduce to you a Pranic Healer gifted, Identified & Blessed by Mother Nature,
Who is sending her children to this Angel for Healing.
This Miraculous blessed Healer is from Sri Lanka and her Patients are mostly Birds & other animals who come to her for Healing on their own.
They know her clinic, there is no board but they know it, even if there is a board they may not read it. She heals them in her Garden, it is her clinic for birds & animals etc..



Reproduced below is her notes on these Amazing Healings:

The beauty of nature's response

It's a normal sunny morning of our beautiful Sri Lanka. Love this
glorious mornings which sun streams down it's golden energy on it's beloved earth planet beings - us - it is the trees, animals and we the human beings.

As I admire my little garden with trees and the little visitors-
Birds, squirrels,butterfly's and many more who literally owns it., this one special occasions which started happening has given me a total different perspective in our life on earth.

They started to call me out, to ask for a healing... ! most are birds...many with Wing damages, some legs hurt or just not well..! Waiting out on the branches of the trees close to the balcony, Demand my attention.. they just know!

There was this mother and father crow brought there baby crow with bad wing damage, settled him on the branch and waited on a near by tree until the healing was done, and continue to bring the baby three times leaving few days apart.

This one tiny humming bird who parched on the cloth line and did the bicycle ride motion with one of his little leg to show me his bad foot and waited until the healing was done. And flew away with a beautiful whistle...

The Great Eagle .. sadly waited amid of every ones objection to his
presence. Little afar my neighbour's coconut tree branch, so visible to me, Left wing badly damaged! patiently waited for the healing and continue to come back every day for about a week. the most amazing thing occurred after that...! as I sit out in balcony and watch how the sky is painted in vivid colors in the evenings and then the light slowly departs our side of the planet, sooo high in the sky I spotted the eagle making few circles above my house..! and flew away to join his group flying far away from this location. since then so often in early mornings and the evenings I witness this wonderful gesture of the Eagle friend . Thank you Universe My gratitude for the opportunity provided!

It's the squirrel who live on the roof, unable to move his right front
limb and in pain lying on the wall infront of me with a large black patch near his neck, looks a bad rash waited until the healing is done and fell a sleep for about fifteen minuets after that. I had to keep watching him as I have my three beloved cats around the house.! he continue to ask for healing and within few days , he would just get up and move away after few minutes of a healing. He is fully recovered now and I see him happily jumping about the tree tops with his friends.

There are so many who arrived for healing since I started living in
this house. The big monkey who arrived with a badly heart leg and waited for two days for healing, came back with baby to show me and went away.

The little unusual bird who looks like a an owl, which I have never seen
in my life before.. who Looked right into my eyes and nodded his head during healing and had a long sleep on the branch.

The beautiful bird with the very long flowing strips of tail who's
very rare sight in this location.

The rat who climbs the tree near my pantry so I could see him and waited for the healing

The mother dog who arrived with big wound in her nipple for a healing. lie down on the ground with the 4 legs up until the end of the healing, and moved away with such a gratitude bow and a worship..brought tears to my eyes.

There are so many like this, may be one day that I would write all down to share with you all

Best regards with gratitude,