Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arhatic Retreat 2010 - Cochin - A Grand Success

Atma Namaste!

Arhatic Retreat 2010 held at Cochin is a Grand Success.
More than 500 Arhatic Yogis attended the Retreat.
Thanks to Y.V.P.H.F.Kerala & Cochin for organizing this fantastic Retreat.
The All India Board also announced that level change will be free in Annual Retreats to be held in future also.
Thanks to our Guru Patni Charlotte Choa Chuy & All India Board for bringing down the prices of all Higher Courses & Retreats.

Amma entering the Retreat Hall on 29/01/10

Amma closing the Retreat on 01/02/10

All the Arhatic Yogis enjoyed the Retreat & experienced Master`s presence during the Retreat.

Peace be with all.

so be it!

In Master`s Service

Masterminds team..