Friday, December 31, 2010

A Loving Atma Namaste!

A Loving Atma Namaste!

The year 2010, has come to an end.
Like every year, comes and passes by, even this year has had its full course leaving just memories in one's mind.. giving way to a new year , the year of 2011!

It is a new year,
Like a new surprise..of hope, of prosperity, of happiness
Like a new begining..of thoughts,of words, of actions
Like a new day..of energy, of strength, of ideas.


Practice deligently
Purify yourself
and then Spread the teachings.

Each and every pranic healer all over the world, takes it as his duty to spread Master's teachings to all. Every Pranic healer wishes to be of great help to Master .

So with this New Year, all the students of Master should continue with the great work and should look forward and grab all the opportunities which come their way to work for and in the name of Master.
So be it!

Wishes all its members ,every soul

A very Happy New Year !!

May the divine blessings be with you

In Master's service,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanks to Master Choa

Atma Namaste!

Blessings of MASTER and continuous support from his untiring dedicated Pranic healers have come together under one roof of PRANIC SOS 24X7.

We here at MasterMinds are very proud to announce more than 5000+ daily views (views of this page on facebook )... There are 200 Pranic Healers who have offered to help us in this endeavour..

Thanks to each and every Pranic healer for support and dedication..

Keep blessing PRANIC SOS 24X7 with divine light, love & soothing healing energies..


Anyone in need can write to us:
1) SMS: +919247405108
2) E-MAIL:
5) Blog:

Friday, November 26, 2010

SOS with Pranic Healing - 24x7 Emergency Helpline

Atma Namaste!

SOS 24X7 is a brand new endeavour launched by Masterminds Team,
who planned to be at the instant service to each & every person worldwide
with Spiritual guidance of MCKS.

This is based on the repeated saying of Master i.e.
"what great thing can one do than to relieve human pain?"

Masterminds Team
consisting of 6000+ Pranic Healers allover the world, will be there to help
the needy, by praying and blessing for them.

This "PRANIC SOS 24X7" will help -
Be it any kind of emergency, accident, danger to life, psychic attacks, cardiac arrest,
fire accident, any kind of natural calamity etc.
Be it an important Business meeting, urgent need of job, financial crisis etc.

Anyone in need can write to us:
1) SMS: +919247405108
2) E-MAIL:

NOTE: If you are a Pranic Healer, and wish to join us in this endeavour,
Mail your Name, place, mobile no. & courses taken by you.
E-mail :

In Master's service

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pranic Agriculture in Action

Atma Namaste!

Pranic Agriculture in action

On the next PPM Audio Stream meditation we will feature Krisna Mohan
from India.

He will be speaking about the work they are doing with Pranic Agriculture based
on the Teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui.

How to use various color prana combinations for different plants for maximum

Pranic Agriculture has spread to more than 78 countries.

Experiments have been done on 36 different types of crops.

The crops grown have very high nutritional value, and superior aroma and taste.

You may email Krisna with questions at

The next PPM Audio Stream will be on Sunday, September 12th at 2 AM and 2 PM GMT at

For our international guests convert UTC/GMT of the
Special weekly meditation and message to your cities local time at

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Bless the Earth"

According to the Teachings & Energy Technology of Master Choa Kok Sui:
By using Subtle Energy... A PLACE or PHYSICAL LOCATION ... just like a (human) body "may be healed" ...

When regular Spiritual Practice or "Sadhana" is done, the Crown Energy Center of a practitioner becomes highly activated. According to Master Choa ... a highly developed Crown Energy Center is needed to "Produce Rapid" & even "Miraculous Healings" in many instances. When gathered together in great numbers ... the Power of Energy Work is magnified.

Let's work together as a group ... as a group channel ... to heal Mother Earth.

Please use Energy to help to SEAL the hole & ruptures energetically ...& Bless the disastrous Gulf Oil Spill (reaches to the very core of our Beloved Planet Earth) with rapid healing ... with containment.
Let us Bless & Bless & Bless this massive problem ...
Let us Project constant Healing & Blessings to the gaping rupture that is allowing the oil & gas to spill ...
& join thousands of other people globally ... who are praying to contain this environmental disaster ...
Clearly, control or at least partial containment is needed in order to minimize the disastrous effects on Mother Earth ...

Please Invoke, Pray & ASK for Divine Guidance, Help & Protection to do this job!
Please send Powerful Streams of Loving Energy into the area of the Spill ...
Let us Invoke, Pray & Ask for Divine Intervention to come in the form of containment the gushing oil.

Direct the Energy particularly to the Gulf Area ... where this event is taking place.
Let EACH meditator ... to the greatest extend of their effort ...
Align themselves with Master Choa Kok Sui,
with Mahaguruji Mei Ling ...
with All of the Great Great Ones, Holy Gurus, Holy Masters, Angels, Archangels & Spiritual Helpers,
with the Spiritual Elders of Planet Earth ...
with the Planetary Logo ...
& with The Supreme Being ...
to Bless Mother Earth & all of humanity with Divine Power to resolve this critical issue.

Invoke, Pray & Ask for the Supreme Being & the Great Great Ones ... to bring about a positive & rapid solution to this serious problem... & ... collectively send the Energy of Loving Blessings to our Divine Beloved Mother Earth!

Ask for Mother Earth be Healed Physically ... Emotionally ... Mentally & Etherically ...
Pray for Mother Earth be Purified!
Let us ask for the Subtle Bodies of Mother Earth be Healed, Balanced & Purified!
Let us ask for our Beloved Mother Earth be Fully & Completely Healed ... on ALL LEVELS ...
Invoke for Mother Earth be Soothed of her Pain Sorrow & Suffering!
Invoke, Pray & Ask for Mother Earth be Healed!
Invoke, Pray & Ask for Mother Earth be Divinely Blessed!
Please send YOUR Blessings be to our Divine Beloved Mother Earth ... NOW! NOW! NOW! So Be It!
Please join this Project ... this group effort ... directed toward Healing of our Divine Beloved Mother Earth!
Loving Blessings be with All!

- Charlotte Anderson

(Extracted from Charlotte Anderson's Facebook Page, July 7th, 2010)

*we recommend you to do this after the full moon meditation

**The next Full Moon Meditation is on July 26 at 1:38 AM GMT/UTC.

We hope you will join us at:

In Master`s service

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


"Although we are two ... we are One.
By Loving you, I became One with Love.
By Loving you, I have Loved All.

By Loving you, I AM One with Love ...
...By Loving you ... I am Love.

We are One ... we are One ...

I am One with you ...
We are One with All ...

There is only Oneness... "

- Master Choa Kok Sui, August 24, 1996


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Atma Namaste!

Watch this video


Thanks to preethi for sharing this.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Moon Salutation: Chandra Namaskar

Atma Namaste!

Try the links below:

Also try :

Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga Youth Wing - International

In Master's service

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother Nature Identifies Pranic Healers

Atma Namaste!

I want to introduce to you a Pranic Healer gifted, Identified & Blessed by Mother Nature,
Who is sending her children to this Angel for Healing.
This Miraculous blessed Healer is from Sri Lanka and her Patients are mostly Birds & other animals who come to her for Healing on their own.
They know her clinic, there is no board but they know it, even if there is a board they may not read it. She heals them in her Garden, it is her clinic for birds & animals etc..



Reproduced below is her notes on these Amazing Healings:

The beauty of nature's response

It's a normal sunny morning of our beautiful Sri Lanka. Love this
glorious mornings which sun streams down it's golden energy on it's beloved earth planet beings - us - it is the trees, animals and we the human beings.

As I admire my little garden with trees and the little visitors-
Birds, squirrels,butterfly's and many more who literally owns it., this one special occasions which started happening has given me a total different perspective in our life on earth.

They started to call me out, to ask for a healing... ! most are birds...many with Wing damages, some legs hurt or just not well..! Waiting out on the branches of the trees close to the balcony, Demand my attention.. they just know!

There was this mother and father crow brought there baby crow with bad wing damage, settled him on the branch and waited on a near by tree until the healing was done, and continue to bring the baby three times leaving few days apart.

This one tiny humming bird who parched on the cloth line and did the bicycle ride motion with one of his little leg to show me his bad foot and waited until the healing was done. And flew away with a beautiful whistle...

The Great Eagle .. sadly waited amid of every ones objection to his
presence. Little afar my neighbour's coconut tree branch, so visible to me, Left wing badly damaged! patiently waited for the healing and continue to come back every day for about a week. the most amazing thing occurred after that...! as I sit out in balcony and watch how the sky is painted in vivid colors in the evenings and then the light slowly departs our side of the planet, sooo high in the sky I spotted the eagle making few circles above my house..! and flew away to join his group flying far away from this location. since then so often in early mornings and the evenings I witness this wonderful gesture of the Eagle friend . Thank you Universe My gratitude for the opportunity provided!

It's the squirrel who live on the roof, unable to move his right front
limb and in pain lying on the wall infront of me with a large black patch near his neck, looks a bad rash waited until the healing is done and fell a sleep for about fifteen minuets after that. I had to keep watching him as I have my three beloved cats around the house.! he continue to ask for healing and within few days , he would just get up and move away after few minutes of a healing. He is fully recovered now and I see him happily jumping about the tree tops with his friends.

There are so many who arrived for healing since I started living in
this house. The big monkey who arrived with a badly heart leg and waited for two days for healing, came back with baby to show me and went away.

The little unusual bird who looks like a an owl, which I have never seen
in my life before.. who Looked right into my eyes and nodded his head during healing and had a long sleep on the branch.

The beautiful bird with the very long flowing strips of tail who's
very rare sight in this location.

The rat who climbs the tree near my pantry so I could see him and waited for the healing

The mother dog who arrived with big wound in her nipple for a healing. lie down on the ground with the 4 legs up until the end of the healing, and moved away with such a gratitude bow and a worship..brought tears to my eyes.

There are so many like this, may be one day that I would write all down to share with you all

Best regards with gratitude,

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Atma Namaste!

We have updated our exclusive blog for PH Agriculture
This is our tribute to Master Choa.
'Support Pranic Agriculture'

In Master`s service
krishnamohan. .

Friday, March 12, 2010

Appeal to Master Choa

We removed the pic of MCKS which was here on Catherine`s request

Oh Holy Master!

From the unreal
Lead us to the Real.

From darkness
Lead us to Light.

From death
Lead us to Immortality.

Please Heal the Minds, Hearts, Bodies & Souls of all your disciples with Your love.

Guide the little wills of all the Pranic Healers & Arhatic yogis.

Seal the door where evil dwells.

Let light, love & power manifest your Great Vision on Earth.

So be it!

In Master`s service

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rare Pic of Amma

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This picture was captured by Prof.C.T.VERGHEESE Managing Trustee, Y.V.P.H.F.Kerala
during Arhatic Retreat 2010 in Cochin

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arhatic Retreat 2010 - Cochin - A Grand Success

Atma Namaste!

Arhatic Retreat 2010 held at Cochin is a Grand Success.
More than 500 Arhatic Yogis attended the Retreat.
Thanks to Y.V.P.H.F.Kerala & Cochin for organizing this fantastic Retreat.
The All India Board also announced that level change will be free in Annual Retreats to be held in future also.
Thanks to our Guru Patni Charlotte Choa Chuy & All India Board for bringing down the prices of all Higher Courses & Retreats.

Amma entering the Retreat Hall on 29/01/10

Amma closing the Retreat on 01/02/10

All the Arhatic Yogis enjoyed the Retreat & experienced Master`s presence during the Retreat.

Peace be with all.

so be it!

In Master`s Service

Masterminds team..