Saturday, September 12, 2009


The Zenith of the Golden Age will be reached in about 12,499 A.D., about 10,490 years from the year 2009 A.D.

The entire Golden Age will last up to 17,299 A.D., about 15,290 years from 2009 A.D.

The human race has evolved to its present high level that is possible for hundreds of thousands or even millions of disciples to achieve soul realization or even for some people to achieve God realization - the level of a Holy Master within this period if the following conditions are met:

  1. Practice humility.
  2. Give up pride and self-delusion.
  3. Practice loving-kindness
  4. Give up anger,hatred and vindictiveness.
  5. Practice Generosity.
  6. Avoid greed and stealing in its different aspects.
  7. Practice honesty.
  8. Avoid maliciousness and exploiting lies.
  9. Practice moderation.
  10. Avoid excessiveness.
  11. Do not allow yourself to be enslaved by your lower nature.
These weaknesses are the downfall of disciples.Disciples all over the world should take advantage of this great opportunity by reincarnating as frequently as possible.

Maintain the purity of the teachings of Arhatic Yoga and practice Arhatic Yoga diligently.

So be it!

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